Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Ottawa Senators Heritage Jersey concept

I am presenting this option as an "Heritage Jersey". I will break down my design intentions while creating it. This concept is not only for a jersey to wear for years to come, but also an hommage to our rich hockey history.

1) The "O" with bars across it is reminiscent of the old barberpoles jersey. This is used to give it it's primary vintage feel. It illustrates that although we are technically an expansion franchise, the roots of hockey and the NHL are deep in Ottawa.

2) The overall look (black along with red and white stripes) is a subtle reference to our "Away" jersey of the 1992-93 season, the year the Ottawa Senators were granted an expansion team and resumed play in the NHL.

3) I wanted to add something of our new era. Although this is a "Heritage Jersey" and it illustrates our history, I also wanted to keep the jersey relevant to today's team, market and fans, therefore the new profile (2-D) logo is placed on the shoulders.

The components of this jersey makes for a strong message: In order to get where you want to go, you have to know where you came from.

We were once Stanley Cup champions...

This is the Heritage Jersey concept.

I am trying to create enough of a buzz for this jersey before sending it to the organization. You can help by signing a petition at


rralph said...

I like the idea, and it's definitely better than the jersey concept they're supposed to be getting. As a Leafs fan I'd much rather see the sens wear those jersey's when they take on the leafs wearing our vintage 35 -point whites.

go sens go said...

^^^ Ya, it would be cool to see my sens destroy your Leafs in those jerseys lol

branzo79 said...

That is one of the best looking jerseys I have ever seen. I'm amazed. It is both vintage and contemporary melded together. A complete jersey!

This should be considered by the organization.

Jerm Deeks said...

That is suuuuuuuch a beautiful jersey. Why, oh, why doesn't management want to do something nice with one of our excellent secondary marks but instead seems commited to "SENS". Sometimes this world just doesn't make any SENSe.

Richard said...

^^^ Ya, it would be cool to see my sens destroy your Leafs in those jerseys lol

destroy in the same way they destroyed that 15-1 start last year? :)

Arun said...

It's beautiful. Where could I buy a demo version to sport around in the streets and at games and help gather interest?